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Car Insurance for Military Personnel and Veterans

Veterans and military personnel receive a lot of benefits and perks in exchange for their service to our country. Unfortunately, many choose not to take advantage of the full array. You can get free meals on Veteran’s Day and college subsidies, sure — there are some things everyone knows about. However, did you know that as an active or former ... Read More »

5 Things to Know About Fallen Trees and Insurance Coverage

It’s the time of year when the temperatures warm and the flowers bloom, putting us all in a chipper mood. But, it’s also time for thunderstorms, which most often occur in the spring and summer months, according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory. With spring officially arriving this Friday, March 20, it’s the ideal time to review what your homeowners ... Read More »

Farmers Home Insurance in United Kingdom

Farmers offers optional coverages that are hard to find elsewhere, but it has a reputation for poor customer service. Farmers offers comprehensive homeowners insurance policies for almost any type of dwelling in all 50 states. In addition to covering all the usual perils, like fire and storm damage, it offers some unique extras too, like an eco-build option that pays ... Read More »

Best Cheap Car Insurance for Teens for 2017

Car insurance for teens, by definition, isn’t cheap. Little driving experience and a statistically higher chance of accidents makes teens a big risk to insurers, so they invariably get charged more for coverage. Because of this, the best cheap car insurance providers for teens are the ones that not only offer quality coverage and claims handling, but also special discounts ... Read More »

Does Your Business Have Enough Insurance?

Sufficient business insurance minimizes your risks as a small business owner in the event that you are sued. An adequate amount of insurance will also protect you during a natural disaster or in the event that someone slips, falls or gets injured on your property. Your state’s Department of Insurance sets minimum insurance levels that you are required to keep ... Read More »

Learners’ Guide to Auto Insurance

In an unfortunate event where reckless driving causes injuries to people and damages to properties, the liable or at fault party must compensate the cost for medical expense and property repair or replacement. It is the idea behind auto insurance and why the law requires every driver to purchase one. Many factors determine the price of the premium for examples ... Read More »