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6 microsoft short cut you probably don’t know

Microsoft Word: Love it or hate it, practically everyone uses it. I’ve been using it so long, I thought I knew everything about it. But I stumbled across some super helpful shortcuts-hidden tricks and timesavers that make Microsoft Word easier and faster. One caveat for these tips: different versions of Word may have different commands, so some of these may ... Read More »

How to enable/disable Java/JavaScript in Internet Explorer

This short tutorial of mine will show you how to enable/disable Java/JavaScript in Internet Explorer: (Java is a plugin but javascript is a script used by some websites, and unless the proper settings are done, some websites will not display and/or function properly) 1. To enable or disable Java in Internet Explorer: From the Tools menu, or the Tools drop-down ... Read More »

Top 10 Most-Destructive Computer Viruses Ever

The word “Computer Virus” really scares all computer users. As we all know, Viruses can cause a lot of damage to the computer. It can damage victims privacy, can access private files and can even corrupt the very precious data which includes photos, videos, saved passwords etc. Computer viruses have already caused many financial losses for many companies. Sometimes it ... Read More »

MakeMKV – converts the video clips imto MKV files

MakeMKV – convert videos from DVD/ Blu-ray movies and files into MKV format MakeMKV is your one-click solution to convert video that you own into free and patents-unencumbered format that can be played everywhere. MakeMKV is a format converter, otherwise called transcoder. MakeMKV – ScreenShot MakeMKV converts the video clips from proprietary (and usually encrypted) disc into a set of ... Read More »

DIY Method of Restoring a Dying or Dead Laptop Battery

Hello friends, let me take you back to the King James version of restoring your laptop battery because some how someday, if you are not already experiencing this, your laptop battery will wear out. The battery that normally last you for 4hours will be automatically be reduced to 30min or an hour. While some laptops are already acting as a desktop (you ... Read More »

How To Remove All Viruses From Your Computer Using Rescue USB Disk

Today, we are glad to inform all windows users that we have found out a method to remove all viruses from the computer using Rescue USB Disk. The spread of viruses, malwares, key-loggers and Trojans etc, are now very rampants these days. There is even a recent malware called HummingBad affecting over 2 million devices. These worms enters into windows PC ... Read More »

How to Add Subtitles in Windows Media Player On Pc

While Microsoft has introduced a new media player app dubbed Movies & TV with Windows 10, it still includes the age old Windows Media Player. It’s a wise move, considering there are a number of people who still use the Windows Media Player for its simplicity. While Windows Media Player is great when it comes to handling simple media playing ... Read More »

Here is Everything You Need To Know About Android 8.0 Oreo

Google yesterday decided to finally unveil the moniker of the next iteration of Android. Simply known as “O”. If you are still using Kitkat or lollipop, its time to dust it off and upgrade to atleast Android 6.0. Android Oreo is supposed to be faster, smarter and more powerful than any of the previous versions of the mobile platform. Google ... Read More »

Glo Free Data Day Is On Now

Millions of subscribers have been enjoying the Glo free data offer since 12 mid night on Friday, 11th August 2017 The offer enables eligible subscribers to enjoy 200 MB free data for today which they can use for browsing, chatting, streaming, downloading, uploading and lots more. “The offer is on now. Eligible subscribers have been enjoying free data since 12 ... Read More »

Volvo Reveals What Future Trucks Will Look Like (photos)

One day, container trucks would drive on the street of Lagos with style. No more unlatched containers, no more falling, no emissions. Not just that, no more drivers too (good or bad?). Self-driving trucks are taking over and they are being tested across Europe already. Instead of what you see at Apapa port today, expect to see something like this ... Read More »

Mercedes-benz Unimog Voted Best Off Road Vehicle 2017

For the 13th time in succession readers of the German “Off Road” magazine have voted the Mercedes-Benz Unimog the best off-road vehicle of the year in the “special-purpose vehicles” category. The “Off-Road Vehicle of the Year” poll had a total of twelve categories. More than 20 000 votes were cast, with 135 vehicles in the running. The Unimog took first ... Read More »

Nigeria Among Top 5 Fastest Growing Mobile Markets In The World

A new report by Ericsson has affirmed Nigeria’s place as one of the most exciting mobile market in the world as the country is now a key driver of growth in the sector. The recently published Ericsson Mobility Report noted that Nigeria grew its mobile subscriptions by three million in the first quarter of 2017, the fifth fastest growing in ... Read More »

Infinix Mobility launches Exclusive stores in 7 cities in Nigeria

As Infinix continues to give consumers the best experience with its smartphones, the brand has been innovative about bringing about a better shopping experience for its fans & customers in the region. The brand aims to give customers the exclusive Infinix Experience with an all Infinix products and accessories store in your city. Locate an Infinix exclusive store near you; ... Read More »

Nokia 3310 is Back in Nigeria…See the Current Price

Nokia 3310

The old reliable Nokia 3310 phone is now back in Nigeria as a modern reimagined handset that would speak for itself. Unlike the old Nokia 3310, the new Nokia came with dual SIM slots and camera. Nokia phones manufacturer, HMD Global, said in a statement on Thursday that the new Nokia 3310 was a classic handset which came in warm ... Read More »

Don’t Install Creators Update, It’s Buggy, Microsoft Warns Users

Windows 10 Creators Update has started to land on people’s computers but Microsoft is receiving negative feedback from various users regarding hardware issues. Following this, Microsoft has blocked updates to the affected devices and recommends not the install the update manually. After almost two weeks since the Creators Update rollout began, Microsoft still feels there are improvements to be done. ... Read More »

How To Get 30gb On Airtel

Firstly, Get any new or old airtel sim, also note dat it can neva work on d sim u already used for Our Previous 5GB…. 30GB imei=> 860861034813893 Download imei analyzer to analyze a valid imei…. After analizing a valid ime, then Goto your message box and text s860861034813893 to 232 If u see “you will see your phone is ... Read More »

Breaking news;Samsung permanently discontinues the Galaxy Note7

Samsung has announced that it is ending the production of the Galaxy Note7 and permanently discontinuing it worldwide. The decision comes immediately after the company issued a press release asking users to power down all original and replaced Note7 units, and for retailers and career partners to stop sales and exchanges of the smartphone. “We remain committed to working diligently ... Read More »