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Chocolate City Wanted To Sabotage My Life – Brymo

Nigerian Artiste and former Chocolate City signing, Brymo Olawale during a mid-day show with Toolz aired his opinion about the case he had with his former record label, Chocolate City.

He said: “Even though it happened a long time ago and I am constantly trying to forget it. I feel like somebody needs to resurrect the case in court’.

He continued that: “We had the opportunity to iron it out in court but they fried it up. I don’t know what they did but they definitely spoke to the judge and spoke to the lawyers and scrapped the case, they are lawyers; they can do it’.

“I don’t know what they are doing right now, the last time I was in court was in May 2015 and they came out to tell everyone that Brymo won the case; the judge never even passed the sentence. The judge just came that day and said, “I can’t do this, they don’t trust me so I’m going to drop the case,” and so he dropped it

“While everyone is saying I should try and reconcile with Choc City and be nice to them, they are not even being nice to me. If they had their way, I would have stopped singing a long time ago, I’ll not even be on stage performing anymore. So I think it’s sabotage and every time I try to find peace with them, they start to grow an Attention and say this is what I must do now’.

“I’m here to make music and have a great life and they are trying to sabotage that. There’s nothing I can do but to just keep moving forward in all the purity of my heart”.

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  1. brymo I luv u allotz and av had about diz problem between u and chocolate city xo far and definitely am too prayerful to my god to dissolve diz consequences cuz urz music really interest me I swear….may god help u and u help me too..

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