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Between Comedian AY and Hushpuppi… A cold war brewing…

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So, here’s the thing.. There’s a cold war brewing between Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi and Comedian Ayo Makun.

Comedian AY of course took the first straw, with Hushuppi subtle replying the latter.

AY shared a photo of himself rocking a very expensive Gucci bag and wrote on Instagram: “@hushpuppi I am so impressed that everyone trust your judgement on the Gucci brand that started in Florence in 1921 even before your own father was born….. oya come and confirm my own make me too rest #taghim”

Hushpuppi also fired back by saying that just as his personality is not for everyone, so is his response. “As my personality isn’t for everyone, so is my response.”


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