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All Her Friends Are Boys, Can Any Girl Explain This – A Concerned Reader

I Have Never Seen Her With Other Girls. It Has Always Been Boys. Let Me Use This Example So You Can Understand.

8 Boys Happens To Be Friends And They Are A,B,C,D,E,F,G And H.

First Time You Saw Them Together In Gathering With The Girl. She Came With A And Left With A. You Then Have This Believe That She Is Dating A. Though They All Gist And Laugh Together Like They Know Each Other Before.

Another Day She Came With C And B And Left With C And B. But A Is Not In The Gathering.

She Became Very Close To C. You See Them On Special Days That Is Unusual For Non Lovers, Like Sundays Or Val Day Then You Think It Must Definitely Be C.

But Somehow It Looks Like The Closeness With C Drops. She Is Now Very Closer To F Then You Just Conclude That She Is Dating F.

Then You Saw Her With A Yesterday But Today With F.

Now You Are Confused And Then Make Conclusion That She Is Not Dating None Of This Guys But They Are All Just Only Friends.

All This Guys Are Friends And They All Know Each Other. And She Is Very Beautiful And Intelligent. Just That She Just Like Being Around With Guys. And Move With The Ones With Cars That Pick And Drop Her Off. Before You Think She Is Prostitute No She Is Not. You Always See Them Arguing And Discussing Intelligent Topic Of Argument.

But I Was Thinking Maybe Because Majority Of Girls Are Dull. So She Cannot Get A Good Intelligent Discussion Around Girls. The Only Thing Most Girls Know Is Boob, Butt, And Boy’s. I Might Be Wrong Though.

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