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FUTA Admission List 2016/2017 Released (Merit List)

This is to inform all candidates who participated in the 2016 admission screening exercise of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) that the 1st batch (Merit List) admission list for 2016/2017 academic session has been released.

We discovered that the candidates admitted were being sent text messages notifying them of their admission status.

However, you can equally check your admission status on
the institution’s website.

To check yours, visit the admission checking portal:

-Enter your UTME Reg Number in the space provided.

-Click on “Submit” to access your admission details.

Naijabams congratulates the candidates that made it to FUTA Admission List 2016.

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  1. obey emmanuel olawale

    ive been given admission,and ive paid my acceptance via d e-transact @ d first i went to cafe to print out my admission letter,the first step was succeccful,but the second step was not clicking.pls what is wrong?

  2. no admission given yet, what can i do

  3. ogunlana sunday odunayo

    will Futa still release another list?

  4. When will d second list be released

  5. When will they release d second list

  6. The first list is it for indigen or both non indigen

  7. Is the second list coming out this september or october

  8. Pls Will futa considere awaiting result becus i use dis year neco for admission

  9. I Score 221 Nd I Ave 5b Nd 4c In My Olevel Bt Nt Yet Goten Admission Wil My Nme Be Included In Scnd Batch

  10. They will release second batch this week or next week

  11. Thy God Almigthy will let them release the second list befor the and of this week and I no my name we be included and Bimbo’s name and every one of us and I have a question is there still anther list after the second batch please answer me

  12. I think it will be change of course eligibility list

  13. which set of indigene will b released in d second list?


  15. pls when will change of course form be out? and how ‘ll we know our screening score

  16. pls is second list meant for PDS only

  17. wat percent shold be scored before been taken

  18. what of direct entry students? when will their list be out??

  19. God ur boi neva get alert oooooo bt I believe in U….I scored 218 in jamb…my o_level result 4b nd 6c…I rep mcb(micro biology) any cos mate in d building???

  20. pls when will futa release the second batch

  21. please, I want to know if there is anything delaying futa admission list

  22. i am very very sûre futa second batch list will come out with my name and all others who believe in my God

  23. wot is the actual point for mechanical engineering,

  24. when is futa going to release second batch admission list

  25. xo curious about the 2nd list… I rep architecture

  26. Please,When Will Futa 2nd Batch Be Out

  27. Please oo,will futa release another list this week?

  28. Why is d admin not replying na .. When will the second list come out

  29. Y’all i heard they considered those dat had all round distinction first i mean straight A’s buh i had straight B’s nd scored 224. Course computer engineering

  30. which day they will release Futa 2nd batch o

  31. Ogunyemi oluwatosin

    Please no admission yet! What can i do

  32. it seems they merely contemplated on candidates with A’s on the merit list

  33. Don’t worry!it shall b well.

  34. Pls ooo, i represent computer science nd has nt been admitted! Any course mate here?

  35. By olakunle Elizabeth

    When wil direct entry admission list wil b out or are dey goin 2 includ it with d next batch?pls i nid a reply.

  36. jst believing in God,batch 2 is ours#team csc

  37. Please when will futa second batch list b out?I jst can’t wait am so scared

  38. Am still optimistic……coz diz year iz my year….

  39. Wen will d second batch actually out am so curious

  40. Pls i have 219
    In my jamb n i want t study achi, will b offerd admssion, cose my nawa was nt out in d first list. Pls i need ans

  41. Why did futa not release departmental cut off marks

  42. pls admin,we nid answer nao,when ll d second batch cum out

  43. pls when is d second batch 4 futa will come out am real sure of my admission to futa in Jesus name

  44. Let us jst blve in God that our names wil be out with God al things ar possibl. Lord help us make us among the littl that ar chosen AMEN.

  45. guys and young ladies,we need to b calm the second list will soon b out

  46. Abiodun segun samson

    When will they release second barch pls oooo

  47. Am already findin a way out 4 my fees cus my name is out wt d 2nd batch nt by mouth bt by faith.

  48. Pls wen will d second batch b released?

  49. I pray the second batch be release soon….and by d power of d almighty….our names are going to be included

  50. How much is the acceptance fee please for those who has gained admission and resumption date

  51. I score 203 and am goin fr enterprenuership bt nt offered admisn scared

  52. pls wen ar dey goin 2 release d 2nd batch nd i rep microbiology buh i believe in jesus name dat our name wil b include

  53. I believe we ar goin to laugh @ d end.ijn

  54. I will b admitted into FUTA Jesus name… AMEN.

  55. pls o i score 254 and am still expecting my name on d second batch list.But i beleive dat myGOD will doit for me and others dat are still expecting.wish to study microbiology by GOD’S grace

  56. God of Elijah pls come and see through ooooo na God I they beg ooo. emi naa fe wo Futa oooo

  57. Pls i need update on the second batch.we shall all be admitted IJN

  58. Admin m a PDS student who scored 55% and 209 in jamb… Pls hope m gonna b admitted???

  59. I scored 190 in jamb and I failed economics I got a1 in account and commerce will I be offered admission into futa and pls wen is d real second batch going to be out

  60. Please i score202 in my jamb with 8credit in my neco and am in batch11 in my post screening please can i gain my addmission in futa my number is 09032392001 And when are they going to release batch11

  61. pls saw online that futa second list is out pls aw true is it? and if not true pls admin we need ur reply on when the second list will be out

  62. Please admin is futa second list out or when will it be out

  63. Admin, can u pls tell us wen d 2nd batch will be out? We begging pls.

  64. Admin pls I need a response plsssss

  65. Please is there any group chat for futa on whatsapp?
    Nd please i dont knw if dey sent scores to u guy?
    Nd does any1 has an ideal on hw they award scores.
    Plzz. Give answers

  66. Admin pls we need response.


  67. Pls, I heard FUTA second list wil be out dis week yet its not yet out……. pls when is d 2nd list going to be out self.. bcus am scared oooo…. O lord, all I need is miracle.. bcus dis year is my year.

  68. pls I need answer when are they going to released second batch futa

  69. i believed and know that the lord Almighty we opened a new chapter for me. IJN (Amen). direct entry students

  70. when is Futa second list coming out,,,,,dis week or next month

  71. Guys,morning, d biqqest problem is dht not findin our names in d 2nd list(wch i knw wont b our portion) and wen dht apins,are we qoinq to kill ouselves??Hell no! Tho, a lot are really thirsty to qo study @ Futa buh Futa or not,u will qet to ur destination one day..I thnk d best is for us to believe and fully hope in God..Dnt let us panic..Lets fully trust in God and take thnqs easy

  72. Hi guy!we dont need to panic or wahever,i knw that the good God we serve will surely help us so u guys should keep calm.GOD bless

  73. when will futa second batch be out

  74. when will second batch be out, waiting seriously.

  75. i believe in you lord and i have faith that my name will be in the second batch admission list

  76. I put in for Microbiology but i have not been admitted. Please what can I do to get admitted to FUTA

  77. Pls when will change of course form for futa be out

  78. when will second list pasted

  79. Guys pls don’t rely on the second batch find another way possible. like me i had 254 in jamb alongside with 7b nd 2c but i dont still know why am not chosen . i heard somewhere that 2nd batch is only for pds and direct entry so now am going for uabs program in futa

  80. guys…. God is gonna perfect everything that concerns us, how about direct entry list? repping computer science d. e

  81. pls Gideon what is uabs

  82. University Advance Basic Science

  83. is it true that there’s no second list, pls reply am jes too confused

  84. i got 284 in my jamb.and put in for mechanical engineering and no admission yet.what should i do

  85. i heard there is second list but its only for those applying through pds and direct entry

  86. I’d advice y’all to pray and calm ur nerves, we all in same shoes. If they are usin pds or not dnt be bothered about dat jst stay positive nd pray fr d best . we dnt knw d merits at which d skul used fr d first batch. God bless nd stay safe..

  87. pls can u guys help me with departmental cut off mark?

  88. Am still waiting when the second batch because this year is mine in Jesus name amen

  89. u guyz shuld ave faith, second list will soon b out just believe in God. D acceptance fees is 35000

  90. why is the list taking forever to b out na,me am tired o

  91. Olanrewaju michael

    I sure dis year is my year in Jesus name

  92. when will they release other batches?
    many are waiting,yet unadmitted.

  93. please I hope that the second batch will be out this week in JESUS name and our names will be included by the grace of GOD

  94. Pls will the direct entry list be released with the Utme admission list for second batch

  95. Heard d list would b out 2morrow

  96. on FUTA website I can see d undergraduate admission is d first list..plss does that mean it’s out?

  97. It means soonest.i.e tomorrow

  98. @david….are sure of wat u are saying???

  99. Kind of…dat is wat I was told

  100. Is the second list out yet?

  101. My fellow microbiology aspirants, I pray they admit us cause I can’t afford another year at home

  102. (AMEN) oooooo…am with [email protected]….rep MB(microbiology)…€€+

  103. Amen oo…timilehin…I think I heard d false news sha…hopefully dis week would. B out in jesus name…nd we will all b dere

  104. Pls anyone know the time the second batch will be release is it this week

  105. Please those who were given admission, how was your waec like

  106. Gideon, what’s futa uabs all about, hook me up @mosesseuz
    My results is so much like yours and I wonder why no admission yet. Twitter nd IG

  107. gideon,i also want to know more about this uabs

  108. It’s purely an “A” level study where a candidate specializes on 3 subjects only depending on proposed course of study in any uni in Nigeria or abroad. During the program you would have opportunity to do the following exams CIE,IJMB,JUPEB which you can use to enter 200 level

  109. Its like diploma but this one’s kinda different. It has great function but it is very difficult and very expensive

  110. How’s the tuition fee like and will the programme hold at futa

  111. Guys beta don’t give up…keep on praying…God will do it

  112. I heard second list us out today

  113. Where did u hear it at tosB

  114. its 230k @moses. Are you sure @tosB

  115. Pls is DE list out

  116. I don’t know what’s holding back futa now cause unilorin released their second list the following week the first list was released.

  117. Just fraustrated

  118. Just fraustrated jare

  119. pls wu apply for uabs program in FutA i nid quick reply

  120. pls wu apply for uabs program in FutA i nid quick reply

  121. Pls who knows how to download uabs admission letter. I have been sent a message to do so but i dont know how to do it. Guys pls help

  122. Was there any form of exam or what @gideon

  123. No. I just registered and they told me to wait for a while and then i received the message

  124. But now am confused i dont know how to get my admission letter

  125. FUTA wake up!!!

  126. Pls when is futa 2nd list be out

  127. will d second batch list contains d DE applicants? if released.

  128. According to Mathew7:7 it done in Jesus name,

  129. pls have futa release their second batch?

  130. pls my fellow aspairant let not our heat be trubled for all things will work together for our own good .admission will surly be ours and nothing will hinder us


  131. When was it released?

  132. You guys should chill small as at last year, by oct 16 they were still hoping for the list so ours is not too late

  133. will futa release second batch before PD form close

  134. We are three in number wating for admission 2out of us score 195 nd d third score 184 nd he as been giving admission i pray god shd answer my call about futa admision

  135. in-shallahu my name wil cum out wit 2nd bacth,dere’s no GOD expt Allah

  136. Ayomide Oluwaseyi

    O Lord I Believe In U Cuz I Ave Faith In U Anytime Anyday Wen Futa 2nd Batch Is Out Let My Name Be Dere In Jesus Name Cuz I Score 204 in my jamb den i ave 3b and 6c in my o’level i want to do computer science…

  137. I’ve bn waiting for d past 5yrs for admission to futa I believe everything is turning around for my sake dis year but dis is actually my year of good report cos it has bn confirmed

  138. will futa release another batches

  139. @gideon how far, have u printed the letter

  140. No. Still dont know how to do it

  141. y is futa delaying naw

  142. pls when will futa 2nd batch results be out

  143. Gideon we have d same problem

  144. whatsapp me 07010042229

  145. Why did futa not tell us our depertmental cut off marks

  146. The second list has not been released due to the VC scandalSSANU, NASU PROTEST AGAINST VICE-CHANCELLOR IN FUTA
    A day after the Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure was invited to Ibadan quarters of the EFCC, the Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities, SSANU and the Non-Academic Staff Union, NASU of the school staged a mighty protest within the school premises.
    The protest which started at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon had protesters chanting “Ole” and lasted till half past three the same afternoon. The VC who was recently invited by the EFCC over fraud and corruption allegations was accused by the Staff Unions of refusing to pay their long-term allowances.
    The Staff Unions requested the VC be removed with immediate effect and that the Federal Government set up a panel to audit FUTA account.
    The Staff Unions were heard saying “You can’t be facing corruption charges and be ruling us. We don’t want another Saraki.”
    They went ahead to say “We’re advising Prof. Gregory Adebiyi Daramola not to come to FUTA from 4pm this evening. Nobody must go to office tomorrow. We must resume here [the front of New Senate building, the VC’s office].”
    “We’re not on strike, we’re on protest. If you don’t come and you’re caught, you’re on your own. But if you come to work and join the protest, an injury to one is an injury to all” the protesters said.
    “It is our enemies who will not see tomorrow. They will have diabetes and the diabetes will kill them. They will have cancer. They will die of hunger” fiercely it got as they rounded up.
    Our correspondents were not allowed to go near the core of the protest as students were not allowed. However, one of the protesters who does not want his name disclosed told us the protest could go un-peacefully if they were provoked.
    Rumours have it that since the emergence of the Vice-Chancellor, FUTA Staff members have been deprived of some financial privileges as the VC trashed out autonomy of staff members on funds and disregarded due process in issues of leadership sustainability.
    The students on hearing the news, have continued to raise concerns on the possible consequences. It will be noted that the sophomore admissions list that should have been released is yet to be released. The students also hope it will be resolved soon, so it does not affect the academic calendar.
    As against the false news that Professor B.K. Alese was involved in the protest, the Dean is presently out of school and could not have been found anywhere near the protest ground.
    Inside FUTA®

  147. Still don’t know why futa refused releasing departmental cut off
    I smell a cat anyway

  148. Pls is futa second batch list out?

  149. Thanks for that information Timilehin

  150. it is been noted in the Bible, that the only key to fear is my fellow bro ,let us continue having hope in God that all surely gain it in Jesus name!. amen.

  151. sarumi oluwapelumi

    please admin when is the supplementary list be released

  152. So we should wait till monday God help me this time, I put my trusth in you abeg baba God let my name be included in this batch 2 oooo

  153. Amen………mine too shall be included

  154. Akinseyimitumininu

    Mine too shall be included in Jesus name I pray

  155. I heared that futa fresh student are not longer resuming on november looks like it has been extended

  156. God plz include my name…..still optimistic……monday???

  157. Ayomide Oluwaseyi

    God I Put My Mind To Bcuz I Believe In Let My Name Be Dere And Other Peoples Dat Waiting For 2nd Batch In Jesus Name.God Of Babalola

  158. dnt worry evryone,God is in control,lets jes pray for eachoda nd blive God…

  159. Its like futa website has been hacked

  160. I don’t think so gideon…it means d they ar Uploadimg something on d portal

  161. Nah, saw it earlier today. Wanted to be sure. It was hacked by some Indonesians

  162. True talk…..u guys are current….

  163. Yeah…..but now its under maintenance

  164. I also heard its been hacked

  165. It was not hacked ooo…it is just under maintanence..which mean they ar updating d site

  166. Hurray futa workers to resume work tomorrow

  167. Yeah nd probably it might be released tomorrow

  168. its already Monday I can’t even sleep, pls we are seriously waiting ooooo

  169. pls why is admission portal is not opening, they wrote site under maintenance, ply why ooooo

  170. It means dey ar uploading it

  171. I am sure my name will b in d second batch….. Lookin up to God…

  172. The site has been restored

  173. Nop its still under maintenance

  174. Is Till Under Maintenance O What Happen O.

  175. Check again. It’s opening

  176. Its like the list is out

  177. Its opening

  178. Ayomide Oluwaseyi

    Hw Far Bolaji Ave U See Ur Name Dere.

  179. Is the second batch out guyz

  180. What site pls

  181. it’s open but d list is not out…. may be it will be tomorrow

  182. Barakat i dont tink dy ar real… Jst wait, cos am sure its dis week… Be patient..

  183. you guys should just patient and prayerful…

  184. Olumokor Gideon- Son of Otueghele

    Isaiah 46:10
    joshua 1:5
    Rev 3:8 Ps 24:7
    The gates of futa are opened unto me.For the mouth of the lord has spoken it.I decree same for everyone of you.

  185. Some parts of the portal are still hacked.

  186. Guys…I just heard a rumor

  187. What rumour kunle

  188. we have chilled enough o,abeg make them release this list for God sake, what’s keeping them?

  189. Oluwa plz answer my prayer realy need ma admission

  190. Say d riot don continue again oo

  191. Yeah futa non worker says the won’t resume untill the goverment meets there need they say they want the vice chancellor to be removed

  192. So they never resume to work

  193. hmmmmm,nawa ooooo.I pray our name should all come out oooo

  194. AMEN…Futa wake up 4rm ur slumber…

  195. Futa dey frustrate my lyf oo

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