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JAMB 2016 CBT Experiences and Possible Solutions to them, Very Important.

This thread highlights the Problems that candidates experienced during their exams on 27th Feb, 2016 and their possible solutions.

We believe you’ve been waiting for this thread, so we will just jump right into the issues and tackle them using Our staff experience of computers and exams generally.

First, we will like to thank all 27th Feb JAMB Candidates for giving us the the hints and inspiration to write the post. We love you all and we equally wish you success.

1. TIME: The timing for the 2016 CBT exams has changed, although the number of questions are the same. This means you have to work with time while Practicing JAMB Past Questions. The new time is 2hrs 45Mins. The time in previous exams used to be 3hrs 30mins. We are still not sure what inspired the decision for shortening the time but it simply means you have to now work harder.

2. CALCULATOR: For the 2016 JAMB, you will be using what is called an “ON-SCREEN Calculator”. You will no longer be using physical, hard calculator. This type of calculator is the type you activate from the computer and you simply click on the values as you see them on the screen. It’s just like the type on your mobile phone. According to reports from candidates that wrote on 27th Feb, the button for the calculator is located at the bottom right corner of the JAMB CBT Environment. Just click on it and the calculator will appear.
If you want to practice how to use an “ON-SCREEN Calculator” on a computer system. Open the calculator from your computer, follow these steps;
i. Click on the start menu at the bottom left of your screen.
ii. Find and Click on “All Programs”.
iii. Find and Click on “Accessories”
iv. Then Find and Click on “Calculator”.
v. It should be very easy to use.
If the calculator you see now, is the type you see on the exam day, you can easily switch to the “Scientific” or “Statistics” part of the calculator by clicking “View” among the top menus in the calculator.
If you will be needing a calculator, you should practice using it before the exam to save you a lot of time and errors you can avoid by calculating using paper.

3. Rough Sheet: Some candidates have complained they were not given rough sheet, while others say they were given. Either way, you have to go prepared. We suggest, you make 2 extra photo copy of your Exam Slip. I believe you will be allowed to take this into the hall and you can use that as a back-up.

4. Log-Out Issues: Some candidates complained that sometimes, the system just logs them out of the exam. Don’t Panic! Just simply log in again by using your JAMB Registration Number or call the attention of an invigilator.

5. Result Released – From some of the Candidates that did their Exam Yesterday, some of them get message from Jamb about there result around 12-2am in the midnight.
According to the report, candidates will receive a
graphical result of the examination via SMS on the mobile phone numbers they provided during registration. The actual result will be made available online within four days.

5. Circumstances beyond your control:There are some issues that may occur, which are way beyond your control e.g. Power Shutdown, Network or Server Issues e.t.c. In this case, you have to pray that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible by the staff of the centre.

6. GUESSING Software: There is really no guessing software. If you see your time is almost running out, do the best you can to select the right guesses and ensure you select an option for every question. You might just guess right.

8. We may UPDATE this number if there is any further solution to an experience we feel we should share so please come back later and reload this page from time to time to see if we have added any new thing on this number.

If you have any point you think we missed out, post it as a comment to inform others. We will monitor this thread to see if this publication needs to be updated with your point.

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