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My Girlfriend Seems HIV/AIDS Positive, What Do I Do?

My girl friend is HIV/AIDS positive and we are into relationship not up to a month.

Though we have never had any Reproduction. She loves me soo much as do i.

It has not being confirmed in any of the laboratory that she is HIV/AIDS positive.

But a reliable source close to her affirm to me that she is a victim.

Yes! I would have Carried out a test for her but if she refuses the test, my relationship with her will be slow. Because i will conclude that she is really HIV/AIDS positive.

Actually i don’t want her to feel as being stigmatize if she realizes I know about her predicament and at same time not being close to her as before.

Am a health worker, and I have also seen series of HIV/AIDS signs and symptoms on her.

Please Readers, I need your solemn advice. (advices..hehe) should I try and conduct a test for her or just quit the relationship?

And if am to quit the relationship, how do I convince her? Love y’all.


Am a gentle guy, easy going and God's fearing. Abimbola_Alonso

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  1. conduct a test and if she is positive u quit the relationship

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