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Neco Complete 2017/2018 June/July Official Timetable

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Monday 5th June 2017
Practical: Physics 10am 12:45pm

Paper 1: Written Comprehension French 2pm- 3pm

Paper II: Written Expression French 3pm 4:45pm

Wednesday 7th June 2017
Practical: Computer Studies 10am- 1pm

Thursday 8th June 2017
OBJ & Essay Data Processing 10am 1pm
OBJ & Essay Marketing 10am 12:40pm

Practical: Fisheries 10am 11:30am

Practical: Animal Husbandry 10am 11:30am

Monday 12th June 2017
Practical: Chemistry 10am 12pm

Practical: Electronics 2pm 5pm

Practical: Biology 10am 12pm

Tuesday 13th June 2017
OBJ & Essay History 2pm 5pm

Wednesday 14th June 2017
Paper III: OBJ General Mathematics 10am 11:45am
Essay General Mathematics 12pm 2:30pm

Thursday 15th June 2017
Practical: Agricultural Science 10am 11:30am

OBJ & Drawing Technical Drawing 2pm 4:30pm

Friday 16th June 2017
OBJ & Essay Animal Husbandry 10am 12pm

OBJ & Essay Fisheries 10am 12pm

Monday 19th June 2017
OBJ & Essay Commerce 10am 12:40pm

OBJ & Essay Agricultural Science 2pm 4:30pm

Tuesday 20th June 2017
OBJ & Essay Economics 10am 1pm

Wednesday 21st June 2017
Essay & OBJ English Language 10am 12:45pm
Test of Orals English Language 1pm 1:45pm

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Thursday 22nd June 2017
Practical: Data Processing 10am 1pm

Friday 23rd June 2017 to Wednesday 28th June 2017

Thursday 29th June 2017
OBJ & Essay Government 10am 12:40pm
OBJ & Essay Home Management 2:30pm 5pm

Friday 30th June 2017
OBJ & Essay Metal Work 10am 12:30pm

Monday 3rd July 2017
OBJ & Essay Christian Religious Studies 10am 12:30pm
OBJ & Essay Visual Art 10am 1pm

Tuesday 4th July 2017
Paper III & II: OBJ, Essay & Literature Arabic 2pm 5:30pm

Paper III: OBJ Further Mathematics 10am 12pm

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Wednesday 5th July 2017
Essay Further Mathematics 12:15pm 2:45pm

OBJ & Prose Literature in English 3pm 5:15pm

Thursday 6th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Chemistry 10am 1pm

OBJ & Essay Store Management 2pm 4:40pm

Friday 7th July 2017
Essay Human and Regional Geography 10am 12pm

Monday 10th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Physics 2:30pm 5pm

OBJ & Essay Foods & Nutrition 10am 1pm

Wednesday 12th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Computer Studies 10am 1pm

OBJ & Essay Islamic Studies 2pm 4.30pm

Thursday 13th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Civic Education 10am 1pm

Practical: Basic Electricity 2pm 5pm

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Friday 14th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Physical Education 10am 12pm
OBJ & Essay Hausa 10am 1pm
OBJ & Essay Igbo 10am 1pm
OBJ & Essay Yoruba 10am 1pm

Monday 17th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Edo 10am 1pm
OBJ & Essay Efik 10am 1pm
OBJ & Essay Ibibio 10am 1pm

Paper II: Drama & Poetry Literature in English 2:30pm 4:10pm


Tuesday 18th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Health Education 10am 12pm

Test of Prac. Health Education 2pm 3:30pm

Wednesday 19th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Biology 10am 12:30pm

Practical: Technical Drawing 2pm 5pm

OBJ & Essay Tourism 10am 1:30pm

Thursday 20th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Store Keeping 10am 12:40pm

OBJ & Essay Book Keeping 10am 1:50pm

OBJ & Essay Salesmanship 10am 12:40pm

OBJ & Essay Office Practice 2:30pm 5:30pm

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Friday 21st July 2017
Paper III & I: OBJ & Prac. / Physical Geography 10am 12:30pm

Paper III: OBJ Financial Accounting 10am 11:20am

Monday 24th July 2017
Theory & Practice Financial Accounting 11:20am 1:50pm

OBJ & Essay Basic Electricity 2:30pm 4:45pm

Drawing & Design Woodwork 10am 12pm

Tuesday 25th July 2017
OBJ & Essay Woodwork 12:30pm 2:30pm

OBJ & Essay Insurance 3pm 5:40pm

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