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PartyNextDoor Serenades Kylie Jenner in New SnapChat Video

PartyNextDoor is serious about Kylie Jenner!

The 22-year-old rapper sang about Kylie, 18, in a Snapchat video posted by both PND and
Kylie on May 28. He played the piano as he belted out some lyrics about Kylie. This guy
knows the way to a girl’s heart!

Kylie and PND were together in the early hours of May 28. In Kylie’s Snapchat video,
which was time stamped at 6:21 a.m., PartyNextDoor serenaded Kylie. “Kylie, oh,
Kylie,” he sang. How adorable! Kylie captioned the video, “Vibes.”

PartyNextDoor also posted the video on his Snapchat. The Snapchat video is just a snippet
of what was likely a longer song. PartyNextDoor is still playing the piano as the
video comes to a close.

Did PND come up with that song on the spot? Or has he been planning this for a while now?
Either way, Kylie must be impressed with him.

Kylie and PND recently went bowling together, where the rapper posted a few videos Kylie bowling. He later deleted the videos. Kylie and PartyNextDoor spent the next day hanging out. The two sat side-by-side, and he said the reason he deleted the videos was to protect her.

Kylie just broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Tyga, but she likes what she sees in PartyNextDoor. learned EXCLUSIVELY that she “feels safe” with PND.

“She’s still really hurting from that [her split with Tyga], but since she has PARTYNEXTDOOR
to fall back on she feels safe having him around,” a source told us.

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