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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Android To Marshmallow 6.0

Though The Recent Update of Android Marshmallow 6.0 comes with couple of improvements and Promising Features, These update is not for everyone out there as it comes with a lot of Issues
I have received hundreds of messages by fans complaining about numerous Challenges they faces After updating their Android Devices to Marshmallow 6.0.

Well These Article is not convincing of you not to update your Device to Mashmalow 6.0 But to make you realize the whole issues that await after Updating.

1.Marshmallow Drains battery:

Genuine Battery Drainage is one major issue of Marshmallow. I have received many complaints about battery drainage by my blog Readers.
The best asnswer to what cause this genuine battery drainage is due to several background processes which Marshmallow featured

2.Marshmallow app crashes or freezes:

This is another issue associated with Marshmallow Update is random app crashes and occassional freezing which is attributed to mismatch API Issues.
Marshmallow is API 23 and not all apps are compatible with it yet).

3.Marshmallow randomly reboots Itself: this is a common issues that await you almost immediately after you have updated your device to 6.0 mostly when plugged into power.

4. Marshmallow Wi-Fi problems:
With no reasonable explanation to this Marshmallow sometimes fails to locate WiFi network even when in WiFi Range.

Though this can be fix by toggling the airplane mode and re scanning the network again. But must we have to go through all these every time?

5. Marshmallow data problems:
You may start experiencing occassional data disconnection and in most cases the network data wouldn’t even come on.
6. Marshmallow performance problems:

General system sluggishness is another frequent complaint following an Android update Marshmallow lag a lot with a frustrating gaming experience

Conclusion: before Clicking that Update Button put in mind the challenges you will be Greeted with after the update . however we await Google quick fix to this Promising Update.

if you are still Hellbent and still want to update your Device to Marshmallow and live with this problems

This fixes will help you

You can do a factory reset in the Android settings by going to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone. Alternatively you can do the same thing from recovery, by turning your device off and following the steps outlined in the battery drain section of this article. Remember, the exact button combination is different for different manufacturers.

Watch out for my next Article on comprehensive fix to some of these Issues

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