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Chemistry (OBJ & ESSAY) Neco 2017 Free Expo Answers

Chemistry (OBJ & ESSAY) Neco 2017 Free Expo Answers ==================== Thursday 6th July 2017 OBJ & Essay – Chemistry – 10am – 1pm ==================== CHEMISTRY THEORY ANSWERS COMPLETED NO1 SOLUTION 1ai) i)neutral to Litmus paper ii)Has a boiling point of 100°C 1aii) =[Na] / [Na2So4] × 100% =23/ (23×2) +32+ (16×4) × 100% =23/142 × 100% =16.2% Percentage of mass ... Read More »

Neco Mathematics Obj and Theory Available

Verified-Maths-Obj 1CDAAEDEECE 11EEBABAABCC 21BB-E—ECD 31BCCCDDCADE 41BDCBDCCECD 51BCDC-EDCDB (5) Tabulate Mark – 21- 25, 26- 30, 31- 35,36 -40 ,41 -45 ,46- 50 F – 6 ,8, 12,4 ,6, 4= 40 X – 23,28 ,33 ,38, 43, 48 FX – 138, 224, 396, 152, 258, 192= 1360 Class Boundaries- 20 .5 -20 .5, 25 .5 -30 .5, 35. 5- 40. 50,40 ... Read More »

Neco Biology Practical Answers Now Available

Invite all your friends now as we post the answers for free…. Answers Loading…. Bio-prat-Answer 1ai) A=Toad B=Thoracic Vertebra C=Lumbar vertebra D= Pride of Barbados E=Millipede F=Agama Lizard 1aii) DRAW literal view of Thoracic Vertebra (check image in pdf) 1aiii) B===>located in chest, attached to the ribs C===>located in loin 1aiv) Tabulate SPECIMEN B i)They are 12 in number ii) ... Read More »

Chukz-Neco Practical Chemistry Answers Now Ready

Loading…. 2017 NECO CHEMISTRY PRACTICAL SOLUTION NO1) *Note:* Candidates are strongly advised to check which size of pipette was used by their school. We used 25cm³ ——————————- If your school used 20cm³, all you need do is use it in place of 25cm³ anywhere we used it and calculate accordingly *NOTE:ALL MAKE USE OF YOUR SCHOOL ENDS POINT* Volume of ... Read More »

Chuckz Neco 2017 Marketing Answers Now Available

Invite all your friend as the answers will be drop for free for u all.. Loading……….. MARKETING OBJ 1-10 CCDDBCBDEE 11-20 ACCABDDDCB 21-30 BACEEADADA 31-40CBCBECECAE 41-50 BEABADEEAB 51-60 DBADEACBEE 1a)Warehousing Is the action or process of storing goods in a warehouse and the building up of a holding of shares in a company by buying numerous small lots of shares ... Read More »

Commerce Obj and Essay Waec 2017 Answers Available

COMMERCE OBJ: 1-10: BCCBDACCAB 11-20: DDCDCADBDA 21-30: ACCBDDBDBD 31-40: DDDACACABB 41-50: CCDBBBCDAA 1a). E-commerce can be said asThe buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium, without using any paper documents . 1b) Advantages -The biggest advantage of privatization is that once a privatization is done completely there is no interference from political ... Read More »

Animal Husbandry Practical Waec Answers Available

4ai) After bone processing by bone process equipment , such as bone crushing machine and bone paste grinding machine, animal bones can become valuable materials for feeding livestock . 4aii) i)Protein ii)Fat ================================ 1a) sp C-Pueraria phaseoloides sp D-Pennisetum purpureum sp E-Leucaena leucocephala 1b) sp C-Leguminious forage sp D-Grass forage sp E-Forage tree 1c) i)It enriches the soil with nutrients ... Read More »

Waec Economic Obj and Theory Answers Available Here

SECTION A 1a) total population of the country age 0-17 = 900 18-49 = 550 50-60 = 300 6.1 = 200 =2000 b) under 18 = 900 60md above = 280 the ratio = 900 : 250 18 : 5 bii) dependency ratio is 0-17 c) percentage of the population that constitute the labour force Age. 18 – 49 = ... Read More »

Hot:- Neco 2016/2017 Account Obj and Essay Available

If you want us to post fast follow the procedure you see in the top pics and do as shown ……. Make sure you don’t rush over it…. ==========================={={{{ FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING OBJ 1DDDDEAEDD 11BEACBEBCCA 21EEBDEBBDCC 31BDDABEABEB 41CDDADDABED 51ACCEABCCBB 1a) -Passage of time -Wear and tear -Obsolecence – – (1b) -Authorized capital is the registered capital of the company ie the ... Read More »

Hot:- Neco 2916/2017 Economics Essay And Obj Now Ready

ECONOMICS OBJ: 1-10: EBECCCEBAE 11-20: EAAEBADEEC 21-30: CCCCDBCDCD 31-40: BDEAECBEEC 41-50: BADBEEEDBD 51-60: DCCBDCCBBE 1a) Qd=40-2p: Qd=40-2p when P=N1 Qd=40-2(N1) Qd=40-2 Qd=38 Qd=40-2p when P=N3 Qd=40-2(N3) Qd=40-6 Qd=34 Qd=40-2p when P=N5 Qd=40-2p Qd=40-2(N5) Qd=40-10 Qd=30 Qd=40-2p when P=N7 Qd=40-2(N7) Qd=40-14 Qd=26 Qd=40-2p When P=9 Qd=40-2(N9) Qd=40-18 Qd=22 Qs=10+4p when P=N1 Qs=10+4(N1) Qs=10+4 Qs=14 Qs=10+4p when P=N3 Qs=10+4(N3) Qs=10+12 Qs=22 Qs=10+4p ... Read More »

Hot÷Neco 2016/2017 Biology Essay And Obj Now Available

BIOLOGY OBJ: 1-10: DDACDACCDC 11-20: BDBCADBBCD 21-30: DDDAEACEAA 31-40: BABCDADCDE 41-50: DCDBEECCCC 51-60: ADBBDDDDAD Neco BIOLOGY ANSWERS 1a) i)Morphological variation: Refers to the noticeable physical appearance of individual of the same species. ii)Pollination: The transfer of pollen from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of the same flower or of another flower. iii)niche:is a term that is used ... Read More »

Hot:- Waec May/June 2016/2017 Marketing Obj And Essay Available

MARKETING OBJ ANSWERS: 1DABDABBCCD 11CCCABABCDD 21BBBDADCAAD 31CBBBBDABDA (1) (a)Pricing is the process whereby a business sets the price at which it will sell its products and services, and may be part of the business’s marketing plan. Lemuel In setting prices, the business will take into account the price at which it could acquire the goods the manufacturing cost the market ... Read More »

Hot:- Waec May/june 2016/2017 COMMERCE (OBJ & ESSAY) Available

VERIFIED COMM OBJ: 1BDBDCBADBA 11CDACBCDCDB 21BDADBABDCA 31CCDCDCCAAA 41BBDADCCADD: 1) i)Commerce tries to satisfy increasing human wants ii)Commerce helps to increase our standard of living iii)Commerce links producers and consumers Production is meant for ultimate consumption iv)Commerce generates employment opportunities v)Commerce increases national income and wealth i)Commerce tries to satisfy increasing human wants; Human wants are never ending. They can be ... Read More »

Hot:- Waec May/June 2016/2017 AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE ( OBJ & ESSAY )

VERIFIED AGRIC OBJ: 10 BBCDBCAABC 11 DBABACADCA 21 AACBDDBBCA 31 CCBBBCBADB 41 DBCCDADBBD 1a) Subsistence Agriculture i) Farming practices in which crops are cultivated for local consumption. ii) Farms are small and food crops are cultivated such as rice and wheat. iii) Old tools and implements are used by the farmers. iv) Depends on monsoon and there is greater use ... Read More »

Waec Verified May/June 2016/2017 Time Table

2016/2017-WAEC-TIME-TABLE. Tuesday 29th March 2016 HEALTH SCIENCE 3 (Alt. to Pract) HEALTH EDUCATION 3 (Alt. to Pract) ========================== Wednesday 30th March 2016 FOODS & NUTRITION 2 (ESSAY) 9.3 0AM -10.45AM FOODS & NUTRITION 1 (OBJ) – 10.45AM – 11.45AM HOME MANAGEMENT 2 (ESSAY) 2.00PM – 3.00PM HOME MANAGEMENT 1 (OBJ) 3.00PM – 4.00PM ========================== Thursday 31st March 2016 HISTORY 2 ... Read More »